Our Story

Nestled between the lush rolling hills and the serene coastline of West Wales, Ana’s Farmacy is a hidden gem. Our journey began with a simple dream – to harness the healing power of nature in its purest form. Our founder, Ana, an ardent believer in the holistic and restorative powers of nature, used her family’s ancestral farm as a springboard for an amazingly and innovative new functional food: antimicrobial vinegars.


What We Do

Our motto, “Functional vinegar. Grown in nature, tested in the lab“, perfectly encapsulates our philosophy. At Ana’s Farmacy, we marry the age-old farming traditions with cutting-edge scientific research. We harness the healing traditional power of herbs that can inhibit pathogens where antibiotics have failed. 

Our flagship product range, medicinal vinegars infused with herbs, is the result of tireless research and experimentation. These vinegars are not just delicious; they are potent health boosters.. Through rigorous laboratory testing, we have verified that our medicinal vinegars inhibit the growth of pathogens, promoting a balanced and healthy life.

Our Process

Everything at Ana’s Farmacy is made by hand, on our idyllic coastal farm. The herbs are gently mixed into health-giving apple cider vinegar and left to steep for three weeks under the watchful eye of our expert team. Then the vinegars are strained and bottled, right here on site. We don’t have any automation here – just willing human hands! (That’s how the love gets in ; ) . Our respect for the land and its ecosystems is reflected in our sustainable practices and artisan production methods. 

Our Commitment

At Ana’s Farmacy, we are committed to delivering products that foster wellness and balance. Our medicinal vinegars are not just products; they are an invitation to a healthier, more harmonious way of life.

Our commitment goes beyond our products. We are deeply rooted in our community and dedicated to preserving the breathtaking beauty of West Wales. By choosing Ana’s Farmacy, you are contributing to a future where humans and nature thrive together.

Ana’s Farmacy – Functional vinegars. Grown in nature, tested in the lab.